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World Wide Webslinger

Threat or Menace?

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Peter Parker, bitten by a radioactive spider, was imbued with the proportionate speed and strength of a spider. After the tragic and ironic death of his Uncle Ben, Peter learned the valuable lesson that with great power comes great responsibility. He thereafter dedicated his life to fighting crime and protecting the helpless, as Spider-Man.

Currently, Peter is married to Mary Jane Watson-Parker, and supports her and his Aunt May through his freelance photography and substitute teaching.


  • Super-Strength - Spider-Man can lift(press) approximately 10 tons. The Strength also enhances his leaping ability, as well.
  • Resilience - Spider-Man is resistant to damage, particularly blunt force trauma, and heals more rapidly than a normal human being. He is not, however, bulletproof.
  • Super-Agility - Though some highly trained humans are fast enough to tag Spidey in a fight, his natural reflexes exceed human maximums.
  • Spider-Sense - One of Spider-Man's more unusual abilities, his Spider-Sense warns him of impending danger, and does not appear dependent on his sensory input. (He has sometimes sensed cosmic dangers that he would have no other way to detect.) Coupled with his agility, he is capable of dodging bullets from an automatic rifle or machine gun.
  • Wall-Crawling - Spider-Man's skin is capable of adhering to most any substance, allowing him to climb up walls, or establish a difficult-to-break grip.

In addition to his powers, Spider-Man is a scientific genius, and has invented a number of gadgets to aid him in crimefighting. These include his web-shooters; the web-fluid they use; and spider-tracers - small devices he can track with his spider-sense.

(Roleplay account for marvel_mansion)

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